Industrial Maintenance Technician

Do you like to fix things? Consider being an industrial maintenance technician to keep the shop running smoothly.

Engineering Technician

Are you details oriented? Use your design and data skills as an engineering technician.

Production Technician

Keep the operation flowing by becoming a production technician.


Make your career all about making things by becoming a machinist.

HVAC Technician

Want to be known as Mr./Ms. Fix it? Like to build models? Consider being an HVAC technician to help keep us warm and cool.


Like adventure? Consider being an ironworker where you can balance on top of skyscrapers.


Do you love fireworks? Consider being a welder and let the sparks fly everyday.


Do you like building, traveling, and being outdoors? Consider being a carpenter for a fun career putting up walls, doors, ceilings, installing steps, cabinets and more.


Are you all about the details? Consider being a plumber or pipefitter so everything flows correctly.


If you are into sound systems, robotics, tinkering with wires, don’t mind doing some calculations—consider being an electrician.